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Maxed Mischief - EoM

Post  Door on Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:22 pm

EoM. What is EoM? Well it basically is referring to the update that ruined RuneScape, But this is good news, It means Evolution of Mischief. This is the best thing that will happen to Maxed Mischief. I have had this idea on my head from the start of this clan and with me quitting and all i have found the motivation to come back and release this for the clan.

Here is a list of NEW stuff that will be added to clan. New stuff is added daily.

  • New Ranks
  • New Rules
  • Better Organization
  • Revamped Clan Thread
  • More Often Events
  • More Security
  • Easier Recruiting
  • Clan Guides

New Ranks:
New ranks will be added to the clan, This will be even better then the current ranks. I have big updates for this one with more positions.

New Rules:
The rules will be re done for the better of the clan. The rules will be less strict and defiantly suit everyone.

Better Organization:
I will be organizing the clan with ranks, clan chat ranks and events.

Revamped Clan Thread:
I will be revamping the clan thread for the better of it.

More Often Events:
I'm not going to spoil to much because this is a secret. But we will have A LOT more events for the clan.

More Security:
I will be adding more security to the clan with strict Admins, Moderators And Support Members.

Easier Recruiting:
I will be making something that will help everyone recruit people In-Game A LOT easier.

Clan Guides:
Hopefully this will work out, I will be assigning opportunities for promotions by making guides for the clan.

This will hopefully be released within a week or so. Wish me luck


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Post  That Hombre on Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:24 pm

Looking forward to it!
That Hombre
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